Peter McGrath – Recording Engineer

“The Playback Designs, in my opinion, is the ultimate all in one digital device. The fact that it allows me to enjoy SACD both in stereo and surround (utilizing the MPD-5 for rear channels) at the highest possible level is staggering.

Also, the redbook playback of the Playback Designs MPS-5 or MPD-5 is unrivaled. As a recording engineer I trust implicitly what the sound quality of the Playback Designs does when I connect it directly to the output of my recording system. It brings my recordings to musical life.

Overall the Playback Designs is without peer!”

Bruce Brown – Puget Sound Studios

“Being a Mastering Engineer, I have to depend on my equipment to reproduce the music exactly the way it was recorded. Since I got my Playback Designs MPS-5, I am always amazed by the sound. We have listened to many DAC’s in our studio and we have chosen the MPS-5 as our new Reference! This is the best sounding SACD/CD player period.

We expect the highest quality from our equipment and our clients trust we have made the proper adjustments to their projects. Any player/DAC can deliver bits. We count on the MPS-5 every day to deliver emotion; the emotion that went into the music when it was recorded. We want to bring out that emotion and the Playback Designs MPS-5 is the only player/DAC that can.”