Technological Firsts

Note Worthy - Playback Designs

We are proud to annnouce these technical breakthroughs first seen in our products:

  • Playback Designs Frequency Arrival System (PDFAS) – Playback Designs’ players and DACs employ technology never previously utilized in this industry. Our PDFAS is a ground breaking technology developed by Andreas Koch, that eliminates the need for conventional PLLs, also known as “Phase Locked Loops”. PLLs try to control and minimize jitter while our PDFAS completely eliminates it out of the audio signal. Regardless of the source, whether it is an external transport, music server, personal computer, portable MP3 or disc player, the connection to the Playback Designs is effortless and jitter free.
  • Playback Designs Super High Resolution USB – All series of Playback Designs products have the ability to playback, what we like to call, “Super High Resolution” music files. These are files that go far beyond the resolution that most companies are attempting to playback. Currently only a few companies can achieve, 24/192kHz. Our players and DACs can playback music files up to 24/384kHz PCM and up to 6.1MHz DSD through a USB connection to either a PC or MAC. This is up to 32 times the resolution of players with the ability to playback 192kHz high resolution files.
  • Playback Designs 8FS USB Interface – While there may be a few companies that make claims that they have an 8FS USB interface, they likely have to downsample the data inside the DAC because they use a standard off-the-shelf DAC chip set that is limited to 4FS. Due to our discrete DAC technology, we, truly do 8FS. In fact it is designed to receive any PCM sample rate up 6.1MHz. This technology makes our products future proof for many years, if not decades.