Super Hi-Res Answers


Playback Designs has the highest resolution players and DACs available today, but where can you obtain the Super Hi-Resolution files and how do you play them?


The Mac OS driver should not be installed for:

  •  3 Series products running firmware version 015 020 or higher
  •  new USB-X models
  •  Mac computers running Lion or Mountain Lion

These systems support playback of DSD files via the DoP standard.If you are currently running Snow Leopard OS you still need to use our drivers.


If you prefer not to use iTunes we recommend an extremely easy to use software player called Audirvana. It is very straight forward and simply works through a playlist. You can purchase or download a free 15 day trial version at Audirvana will allow you to play everything up to 384kHz PCM as well as up to 6.1MHz DSD.

We have Audirvana setup screenshots online

Pure Music

If you want to use iTunes we recommend purchasing Channel D’s wonderful player plug-in, Pure Music (v 1.8 or newer). They offer a free 15 day trial that you can download and you can find more information by visiting their website at

Pure Music will allow you to play everything up to 384kHz PCM as well as up to 6.1MHz DSD. For DSD support please read the following:

Pure Music DSD Native Setup Guide

We have Pure Music setup screenshots online.


The first thing you need to concern yourself with is whether or not your PC is suitable for streaming music. We highly recommend you visiting the following websites, download and run the latency check programs:

For Windows 7 and earlier:

For Windows 8:

If the latency checker fails, you will need to research how to adjust your computer to work more effectively for music playback. We have had success with the less expensive PC laptops from Lenovo and Toshiba.

The PC driver should be installed for all versions of Windows.

J.River Media Center

J.River Media Center 17 (or newer) is a fantastic and powerful software player that allows you to play everything up to 384kHz PCM as well as up to 6.1MHz DSD. A 30 day trial version is available for download or you can just go ahead and purchase it at

We have J.River setup screenshots online.


The highest resolution available today is Direct-Stream Digital (DSD). These files can exceed 5.6MHz. This is over 128 times the resolution of a normal CD. Sonically you hear a much greater sense of space and lower noise and distortion.

DSD is a very elegant technology for describing an analog signal in a digital way. DSD is used for storing the high-resolution sound on Super Audio CD. DSD can also exist outside of SA-CD: it can be downloaded and played back on any of our players or converters right from your computer.

There are three ‘flavors’ of DSD — WSD, DSF and DSDIFF, also known as DFF. Unlike SA-CD, DSD music is free from copy protection and DRM.  Also, not only is the resolution higher with DSD than high resolution PCM, but the files are also much smaller and much faster to download.


More and more choices will be available in the very near future. Right now, you can visit the following sites: